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Post Christmas detox.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hands up if you had to much to eat in last couple of days? :) No worries. There are simple and healthy ways to detox so you don't feel stuffy and heavy and so you can fit in that beautiful New Years dress! 

Personally, I try not to eat more then 2 pieces of cake or traditional Christmas pastries on Christmas day, not more then one mid size plate of food for lunch as I have a quite a sensitive stomach and feel heavy and sick when I eat to much and to quickly, but sometimes, especially when surrounded with family and family friends who all love to eat and cook, I do break my 'diet rules'.

So on Christmas evening I prepared a simple detox water for the following day and let it stay in the fridge over night, today I am drinking this water instead of my regular 8 glasses of plain water.

Here is the simple recipe for detox water, in a large glass jar place:

- 2 liters (or 4.2 cups) of water 
- 1 large or 2 smaller cucumbers sliced into thin slices
- 1 lemon sliced into thin slices (+ I squeeze one smaller lemon into the water as well for taste)
- 14 leaves of fresh mint 

Great way to make a painless difference in your daily diet is to replace (at least one of) your coffee with green tea with mint and before eating breakfast just drink a glass of warm or cold water with lemon. You can also replace your usual dinner with a bowl of homemade soup, I make it simple and just steam some carrot, broccoli,spinach and spices and mix it in blender. It's important to eat dinner by 7pm and not eat anything afterwards until breakfast. 

In case you are staying at home for Winter vacation and are not planing to be overly physically active, this might be a good opportunity to do full body 3 day detox. I do this Friday to Sunday when there is a long weekend and I think 3 days is perfect timing. I wouldn't be able to do it longer and you can really see and feel the results on your skin, your nails and hair especially. 

P.S. Be sure that you don't party and drink alcohol or doing any long driving or some other heavy physical activity on the days you are detoxing as you body will be a bit weaker then usual.

In case you are interested in more healthy drink and smoothie recipes you can check out my     Workout & Detox Pinterest board with some simple and healthy recipes which are delicious and can really make a difference in your diet.

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