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LaKatWalk Christmas menu.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Photos via   Anthro Blog

This year I am again celebrating Christmas with my boyfriend in Barcelona, so I am the 'cook of the house' and I learned to enjoy planning days in advance, experimenting few days before and finally cooking holiday dishes.

Since there is only a handful of dishes which I can actually make without following the recipe on my iPad I try to collect seasonal recipes in advance and test a few which I haven't made before.

This year I decided to make big Christmas breakfast as my boyfriend parents came over for the first time to spend holidays with us so I am making a delicious casserole for which I found recipe on   Anthro Blog. I recommend this recipe if you have four or more people eating Christmas breakfast. Since ingredients are not all what you would have in a fridge daily, it requires a bit of planing, also, you need to prepare the mix and let it stand for at least 8 hours night before. Baking it is not that hard, oven does all of the work ;)

For Christmas lunch the menu is as follows:
Main Dish

Turkey filled with champagne pate with baked red potatoes
Russian salad  &   Goat cheese salad with raspberry sauce


Carrot cake

As festive Christmas drink this year I am preparing Swedish drink called Glögg which I also took    recipe for from Anthro blog (God bless them).

If you are looking for inspiration for your Christmas day menu and don't like my proposal above you can also check out my   Pinterest Christmas recipe board for inspiration of some amazing holiday recipes, I tried about half and all came out really delicious! 

What are you cooking lovelies? :)

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