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Inma Cosio - a lady shoemaker.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Inma Cosio 

Today I had a distinctive pleasure to finally sit down and interview wonderfully creative, skilled, talented and dreamy lady shoemaker - Miss. Inma Cosio.  For weeks I have been walking my dog Papi by her workshop and looking at her meticulously working on pair after pair of beautiful unique, comfortable and long lasting shoes, few days back I took a minute to introduce myself and ask Inma for a short chat.

"I make special shoes for special kind of people."

Inma studied the shoe making craft from experienced Spanish, now retired shoemaker here in Barcelona for four years. Inma explained that custom shoe making is one to top two person craft, if one has an apprentice, there weren't many women in this business before, she said to my surprise that she as a women fell in love and is successful in her craft.

She sources her top quality fine leather from Alicante region and makes every part of the shoe manually all sown and nailed together out of genuine top quality leathers (sole, insoles and the top) made to measure and specially designed per each customers request.  

"My creations revise classic models with some funny and contemporary winks, motivated by the election of skins and colors. Without forgetting the complicity that I hope to have with my clients so that my designs are always open to their proposals."

I was interested to learn how the process of ordering custom made shoes looks like, Inma said that she loves that process of really getting to know her customers and their needs, learning about their lifestyle and the way they will wear this pair of shoes. First Inma measures customers feet, then customer chooses shoe shape, color, leather, they discuss details which will be added to the shoe and then Inma sketches 3-4 sketches to check if she and customer imagined the same. 

"My brand's clear idea is recuperating the traditional manufacture as the base of my work. A return to the manual and well cared of product and, therefore, unconnected to the standard procedures of production."

When asked about the future about her business, Inma explained that her brand and her business is a one-women shoe now, she would like to grow her business but always keeping her hand-making, her craft, her art at the heart of it. For Inma, shoes are like sculptures. She loves the process of packing the finished product in the box and handing it to customer.

The custom shoe orders don't only come from Spain, Inma also has Asian customers - from Japan. She said's that Asia customers in general really appreciate the craft, care and customization. 

"All of my customers have one thing in common - they want to be unique."

When talking about shoes I used the opportunity to learn how should one care about such precious, custom made shoes. Depending how often you wear them, shoes will wear out more of course but Inma recommends not to wear the same pair every day, or few days in a row. It is also not recommended to keep the shoes close to the source of heat, they should be maintained with hydrating shoe cream while the shoe shape should be maintained (when in closet) with shoe form.

If you are interested in getting a pair of such unique, lasting and comfortable shoes, made just for you, you can contact Inma directly via her website or Facebook page.

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