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Designer crush: Agnieszka Maciejak.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All photos from Agnieszka Maciejak official page

In conversation about the new online boutique -  Trendcy which I am curating by selecting top European established designers and young talents with my fabulous polish friend Ola I learned about  Agnieszka Maciejak and her name brand known most by amazing leggings (which made her super famous) and her other gorgeous designs! 

Agnieszka's work is so 'on spot' for me that I feel like she could be my 'designer made in heaven'. I love her rockerish - confident and practical design with elements of couture and luxurious not only for evening but also for unusual and 'will not go unnoticed' day wear with leather patches and sheer netting. The price range for her pieces (200 - 700 Euros) is also not that bad considering complexity of making and fabrication of some pieces (leather, feathers, sequins etc.)

Nadia by Maria Eriksson for Fashion Magazine Design Scene net
Photos: Agnieszka Maciejak in NAAG Magazine New York

Agnieszka is beloved by Polish fashion media, celebrities, models, stylist and  fashionistas and her design started leaving countries borders so on top of the international media who is using her pieces in editorials with globally known celebrities recently Sharon Stone wore her fierce tights with leather patches while visiting Poland.

Agnieszka Maciejak in Blanche Girl

 Since I just discovered the designer I haven't order anything yet but plan to start with couple of tights soon so I will be sure to share photos and direct review after wearing them for a while. :)

You can order Agnieszka's pieces via her  Facebook page  or  website.

Ania Rubik and Andrej Pejić in Agniesyka Maciejak tights 

Karolina Kurkova in leggings by Agnieszka Maciejak

Below you can see Agnieszka's campaign video called Kaleidoscope:

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