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Pause. Reshuffle. Upgrade. Play.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pause. Reshuffle. Upgrade. Play. That was the plan my boyfriend and I made couple of months back when lying on the beach in Dubrovnik tired of the exhausting years of me flying back and forwards first from Zagreb to Madrid and then from Budapest to Barcelona monthly with my dog Papi who really, truly hates flying by now. 

Right now we kinda got to the second stage of reshuffling...I was thinking to myself last night in bed when my boyfriend 
whispered "Please don't go." and I responded "Just  a little bit longer." while Papi was already snoring on the bottom of the bed still unaware of our early morning flight. Papi needs to have contact with both my boyfriends and my leg in order to sleep comfortably for some reason, no matter how (un)comfortable two of us might feel about that sleeping position we better stay still otherwise he moans and groans.

It's been a while since I wrote "lines of life" post as I guess I was to 
busy with trying to stick to the plan, act and push forward through the agreed stages hoping to get us both to finally live in the same city while still keeping up with my regular fashion posts. 

Indeed our plan requires more personal 
sacrifice then one would expect especially when it comes to my career choices as currently my job is a bit more flexible but there is no doubt it's worth it for me to make such adjustment at this point in my life. 

This is another lesson I can thank New York for, I learned early on that it is very important to use your heart to make decisions about matters of heart (private life and people relationships) and use your brain to make decisions for matters of mind  (career, money) and not to mix the two in order to avoid regretting later. Also, it's important never to let fear interfere with any of the two, It cannot be a factor of decision making as most of the times it's just irrational fear of unknown and fear of leaving our comfort zone than anything else.

I believe there is no lasting emotion you can feel for your company which can satisfy all of your personal needs, as company doesn't love you back - the relationship you have with it it's mutually beneficial financial relationship and there is no currency or monetary value you can measure your love and relationship in. Heart feels, brain thinks. Keep it that way to keep the balanced life ;)

"Distance means so little when someone means so much."

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  2. Hey Tea :) Ne vidim vise tvoj komentar na stranici ali vidjela sam ga na mailu. Hvala ti :) Koliko je izmedju vas km? :)

  3. I know the 'please, don't go' feeling... Been there, done that. A true love can go through anything, but sometimes, eventually one has to sacrifice more. Hope I helped you :) I was deciding for a year!


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