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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Model: Christy - ICON | Photos: Mark Viszlay Photography | Assistant: Pityke Várfi
Styling: Bak Kyra | Hair: Körösi Krisztián | Makeup: Kunkuma Makeup

A lovely lady I met few months back in Budapest as part of my work as Trendcy curator - Eva Marillai who on top of her work in multinational company has a concept store called wonderLAB. Eva was instrumental for me to better understand background of Hungarian fashion industry as she knows so much about it and actively and enthusiastically works to revive the industry and support young designer through wonderLABs projects. On of these projects is newly introduced INQ concept. 

INQ concept is an incubator for young designers, created by wonderLAB concept store, boutique I already introduced on my blog when talking about situation in  Hungarian fashion industry. The goal of this project is to make young designers dreams come true by inviting them to make capsule collections under INQ concept brand name or to support their existing projects to be realized under the INQ concept brand name. First project of this new founded brand is INQ concept for young Hungarian designer Csík Orsolya.

Originally the collection started with five pieces and it was named – BEDCLOTHES 2014. After winning the 1st prize of Newcomer-Clothing at the   Central European Fashion Days 2013Orsolya joined forces with wonderLAB concept store and upgraded this Fall/Winter 13/14 collection to 20 design sets which you can see below. 

The entire collection was first introduced at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend runway and now it is available for purchase in WonderLAB concept store (Hungary, Budapest, V. district , Veres Pálné 3.)

My favorites are definitely denim pencil skirt and blue A-line skirt with padding on the back, how comfy! :) Also, I really want the white coat dress! Can't wait to get to WonderLAB concept store and try them out!

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  1. Ova plava haljina na prezadnjoj slici mi je genijalna, baš volim tu nijansu plave! :)


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