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Care about your clothes as you take care of your skin.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All photos courtesy of P&G

"That are of designers being away with the fairies it's gone, you can be eccentric but also have your feet on the ground, you gotta live in the real world. It's changed a lot from someone being locked in the room and coming up with whatever they fancied. I am a big fan of getting rid of the idea that designers are all in another planet floating around in the catwalk with champagne, that's part of it. But there is also a lot of work that goes into producing a final product. 
You got to run your business."

Giles Deacon 

Last week I had the opportunity to attend   P&G Future Fabrics event in Milan, this was a double pleasure for me being P&G employee but also a fashion blogger. As an employee, I was a host for Central European editor guests, leading the media team of Hungary. From my blogger perspective, this event gave me the opportunity to meet amazing designer but also a business person - Giles Deacon who was announced as P&G Fabric Care fashion consultant and who designed machine washable capsule collection for this occasion, photos of which you can see in this post. 

I learned about 'first wash anxiety' which is that fear when you get ready to wash your new clothing piece for the very first time, hoping not to mess it up. On top, I learned that caring about clothes is not that much different from caring about your skin as fabrics are also living material. 

P&G Future Fabrics presented us with fiber science behind beauty and care for clothes consisting of 3 steps:

Step #1: CLEAN 
Step #2: PROTECT
Step #3: ENHANCE

There were many other bloggers from all around the world in attendance like   Helo Gomes and   DiaDeBeaute from Brasil,   Jestem Kasia from Poland,   Reallyree and   Fashion Foie Gras from UK and many others. The Hungarian media team I hangout with were Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Joy and Glamour editors. From InStyle editor in chief Peter I learned to drink espresso with honey and champagne mixed with orange juice which makes delicious drink called Mimosa. From endlessly beautiful, smart and intelligent Krisztina, editor in chief of Glamour I learned how to take charge in some situations and got a bit of her experience and wisdom in a form of gentle advice and suggestions as it refers to my private life and career choices. We also did a nice round of shopping in high-end outlet and had some amazing Italian meals in beautiful restaurants. 

“For this collection I wanted to create something unexpected. I used silhouettes that you wouldn't expect to be machine washable – such as the gown – alongside state of the art fabrics to challenge the preconceptions of what machine washable looks like. Through working with the experts at P&G Fabric Care I have learnt that consumers want their clothes to look new for as long as possible, and I’m working with P&G to make this a reality. In time I’m sure we’ll start to see more designers considering machine washability in their designs.”

                                                            Giles Deacon

The event hosted some of the fabric and fashion industry’s most esteemed influencers including a world-famous designer -   Giles Deacon, top fashion educator from Central Saint Martins College, who taught McQueen among others - professor   Louise Wilson, fabric and fashion trend experts -   Philippe Pasquet CEO of Premiere Vision and   Sabine Le Chatelier associate fashion director of Premiere Vision, fabric manufacturers - like   Siegfried Winkelbeiner CEO of Schoeller Textiles and scientists like -   Valerie Caililiez senior operations manager of Institut Francais du Textile et de L'Habillement, came together to discuss and debate the interplay between fabrics, technology and the science of the beauty and care of clothes. 

I am looking forward to see how clothing care and production industry develops as this event predicted quite an exciting innovations coming through as our daily lives and usage habits change. Check out my  Twitter and    Instagram for more images from Milan and to see what I wore. 

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