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Lady X by Matija Vujica.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

All photos: Jurica Sentić

Well known Croatian fashion designer, singer and my favorite part - costume designer Matija Vujica launched new, I would say Couture rather then RTW collection titled Lady X. Different then other Croatian fashion designers Matija started her career as a singer but with time developed her fashion design career with focus on evening gowns made out of luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin and fine lace.

Matija is loved by Croatian celebrities and is their first choice when it comes to red carpet wear, she is also well known costume maker on Croatian theater scene. She is showing her seasonal collections on one of three Croatian fashion events - Cro-a-porter. Public knows and appreciates her customized wedding and prom dresses.

My favorite part of Matija's design work is actually her costume making touch to the collections which makes her absolutely unique on Croatian scene, she is designing dreamy gowns and for the most part is not dependent on global trends but is following her own inspirational story. Since I follow her work for some years now, it was in the last years collection that I noticed for the first time quite a lot influence from leading global brands when it comes to design inspiration. Seems like this year, she is back to her track which makes me happy. :) Matija's store is located in very center of Croatian's capital - Zagreb. She is also known by her bubbly and dynamite and outspoken personality.

In Matija's latest Lady X campaign staring Croatian's top celebrity singer Severina  as lady X.  As Matija's top trait (in my point of view) is very dramatic and costumey. Lady is is presented as powerful, fatal lady, lady who makes an appearance and demands attention with not much effort. Collection is compiling hand-made evening gowns celebrating femininity with emphasizing female curves in shape of hips, shoulders, thin waist and voluptuous lower body curves. Dresses are bedazzled with luxurious lace, feathers and crystals.

Runway photos of this same collection you can see below, show was shown yesterday at Cro-a-porter:

I know it is dreamy, and I know it's couture, but if I could, I would wear these every day! :)

You can follow Matija Vujica on Facebook or contact them directly for orders via e-mail.

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3 fabulous comments

  1. Prvo, nikako nisam fan Severine ali je na fotkama fantasticna.
    Drugo, malo je reci da su haljine MV genijalne.

  2. imas gresku u tekstu, Matija, a ne Marija :)


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