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GIVEAWAY: Can I scan you? #AddMyBerry

Friday, October 25, 2013

On top of my daily work, so PR and communications for large US corporation my first two loves are fashion and technology. Those who know me very well know that I am usually walking around with my BB, iPhone and iPad + I have the laptop I work on. When I am running I have my fabulous pink Nike+ sneakers on and of course I am measuring my runs with sensor in my shoe which is via app connected to my iPhone. From the morning when I wake up to when I go to sleep ( I am not saying this is good but this is my reality hehe) I use my tech gadgets.This is why I was super excited to learn about new fashion company which combines these two of my loves - fashion & technology! 

" We liked the potential of QR codes and everything connected to technology and fashion while we know everyone is always buisy with smartphones, on top we spent many years networking in this industry, the idea for Addmyberry came as a results of it all combined. We wanted to connect people in the way their are naturally inclined to do it." Rembert Van Cauwenbergh

Addmyberry is a fashion brand in a moving industry, which applies technology to their rocking clothing line which allows their users to communicate through fashion. How does that work you might wonder? Addmyberry connects people through an app on their smartphones just by wearing their Addmyberry t-shirts!

The secret is in QR code which connects You - the T-shirt wearer to the Addyberry Mobile App and allows you to discover the message your t-shirt is hiding. Essentially, Addmyberry is the brand for connected people.

I am really excited to be able to collaborate with this brand! Just got my first Addmyberry shirt and I am planning to order one for my boyfriend because after seing mine, he wants one for himself as well!
Of course, I got the one for you ladies as well so if you want to get a chance to win one all you need to do is to follow below three steps, lucky winner will be selected and published here on the blog on November 1st at midnight
1.FOLLOW fierce Addmyberry brand on Facebook
3.CONFIRM in a comment of this post that you did steps 1 and 2.
EXTRA POINTS: follow Addmyberry on Twitter or subscribe to my fabulous weekly newsletter

Check out the latest campaign video from Addmyberry:

Good luck ladies and scan you later! :)

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  1. Zorica Ćavar

  2. Napravila sam sve trazeno, pratim njihovu stranicu na Twitteru: @kkemesic i pretplacena sam na tvoj newsletter: :)

  3. Done! Like it !

  4. All steps done! Good luck to all of us! :)

  5. I follow on Fb and Twitter, shared the post and subscribed to newsletter..

  6. FB (like&share), Twitter i Newletter - sve odrađeno

  7. Done! Anamarija Storelli


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