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Croatian fashion events review.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013. Cro-a-porter campaign

Since I am following Croatian fashion scene development for years now and this season I noticed some significant improvements and not only in quality of designer collections where I guess natural selection occurred over the years and only the strongest survived + many young and talented, more technology savvy kids are launching their fashion stories, but also in more professional approach of the organizers when it comes to marketing and promoting of the events and event organization logistics.

There are three bigger fashion events in Croatia:, Cro-a-porter and Fashion Week Zagreb. Each of the three is organized twice a year. In the past several years organizers were visibly struggling to sign general event sponsors for a long term period and had them commit only for one or two events at a time, so each season schedules, event dates etc. were coming out quite late in comparison to similar international events which naturally reduced events PR and advertising potential both for organizer and general partner.

 Croatia doesn't really have a fashion council or anything of that sort on state level so it is actually a private agencies who organize these three events, thus naturally they are protecting their own business interest and income first and cannot each individual contribute to major change or revival of Croatian textile industry even though some are trying on talent development level with organizing various young designers competitions. Also, we often see designers collections shown which really are not ready for the 'big league' so more decisive selection process is needed in order to become competitive on international market. On top, all three events feature strange mix of current season and one season ahead collections which can be quite confusing for international buyers but also general public, as well as it makes local events less competitive on international market where designers are now pushed to produce even a full calendar year ahead!

Most people who do follow local fashion in Croatia agree that it would be ideal to combine these three events and make one proper one with selection of the best designers Croatian market has to offer because realistically, we are such a tiny market that it is simply not sustainable nor affordable in a long-term for companies to sponsor as there is no company (other then in maybe food industry) who earns enough money on Croatian market to make these sponsorships worth while with the same brand long term as media market is to small to produce significant media return on investment for companies. 

Some of the top Croatian designers took the matter in their own hands like Aleksandra Dojčinović who partnered individually with Opel and Marina Obradović who partnered with Samsung for their shows on to get their shown sponsored. Read some tips on how to get sponsor for your designer show here: "3 tips on how to get a sponsor for your runway show".

Fall/Winter 2013. campaign

This seasons took place from 16th to 19th of October and this was their 15th event. is related to fashion media portal with the same name and is planning their work on a more long term basics with focus on really building up and developing young designers in collaboration with their event partners. Their general sponsor is fabric care brand and their online home is fashion portal, one of the three strongest in the country. Events are usually organized quite well logistically although venue is not ideal in Winter. 

One major fault is that they do not have official website or even a Facebook profile for the event itself where one could see the basic information like program, information about designers, their program for supporting young designers 'Lift' get accredited or view the collections, it is all hosted on the portal which should as one of the strongest fashion media portals stay neutral when it comes to being related to the local events. 

This event took the biggest step forward this season, taking place from October 23rd to 26th with second season now with hair-care brand as their main partner. This year they really selected a strong designer lineup with proper mix of young and very talented designers like TWINS, VAIN, Tatjana Pantoš and others but also already established once like Sonja Lamut, Zigman and Hippy Garden or powerhouses like Linea Exclusive , Matija Vujica and Teo Perić for fashion house Mak

Organizing team improved when it comes to quality of event logistics, they launched better and very elegant website and social media pages for the event but they social media management is at very low levels, as it seems like someone randomly posts links with no knowledge of working in social media communication, which is a shame as they created some wonderful video and imagery content! The website launch was quite late so schedule was still unknown ten days before the event and website was updated late which created frustration among designers but also international guests who tried to get accredited and attend. On the other hand,  from season to season it seems like this event is on the highest level and quite consistent when it comes to their creative director's vision. 

Fashion Week Zagreb is the event which is organized the longest and it carries 'Fashion Week' and country's capital name 'Zagreb' in it's name which gives it additional credentials internationally. This year it is taking place from November 21st  to November 23rd many already established Croatian designers started with showing their runway shows here. Other then other events this event is showing season ahead collections and it also invites international designers. The are for improvements for this event are surely better selection of local Croatian designers and better on-going communication throughout the year in social media as well as ongoing local designer communication. Similarly as portal this event is leaning on portal which should ideally be clearly separated.

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