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Coat Check Fall/Winter 2013.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Soel by Sonja Lamut Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Following recently finished and   Cro-a-porter fashion events I have selected a number of Croatian designers coats and jackets from their Fall/Winter 2013. collections for a review. My favorite pieces are by   Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović (I ordered a black wrap coat with pink lining) and by   SOEL by Sonja Lamut, as a matter a fact I kind of love all from her collection and need to order more of her stuff for this Winter.

Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Recently I discovered Croatian brand   Arileo and was pleasantly surprised with their quality of making, beautiful clean lines in their new Fall/Winter 2013. collection especially when it comes to coats and dresses! You will surely see more of their work on my blog. 

Arileo Fall/Winter 2013. collection

VAIN is also fresh and young fashion brand by talented (and adorable) designers Ivan and Timy! I ordered a super cute black cocktail dress from them and now I am in love with this sheer trench coat (3rd on the photo below).
VAIN Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Teo Perić for MakTeo Perić as an established designer didn't disappoint this season either, he continues to lead Croatian fashion industry when it comes to consistency in his seasonal RTW collection, precise tailoring and knowledge of the local market. I really hope he has plans to expand internationally. You can read my interview with Teo   here.

Teo Perić for Mak Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Young designer duo TWINS by Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović surprised me with maturity of their design and attention to details. One of my few favorite coats this season is the raspberry colored coat (third on the photo below). I am looking forward to see how their work will evolve.

TWINS by Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Two wondeful ladies LINK by Ogi Antunac who is already well known and established Croatian designer and Tatjana Pantoš who is still young and emerging worked with black for this season's outwear. Even though Ogi's work is a bit different from my personal style I really admire her work.My favorite pick from below black pieces is short sleeve jacket by Tatjana Pantoš, even though less practical for cold days it surelly is fierce and stylish piece which won't go unnoticed.

LINK by Ogi Antunac Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Tatjana Pantoš Fall/Winter 2013. collection.

On top of interesting coat design (and love the styling with hat) by Croatian fashionista's favorite Robert Sever I choose a dress coat by Jelena Aleksić and beautiful and elegant white and grey coat by fashion brand Nebo.
Jelena Aleksić | Robert Sever | Nebo Fall Winter 2013. coats

Croatian fashion industry 'bad-boy' Juraj Zigman who is never constrained by fashion trends and loved by top celebrities played with tartan and digital print which resulted with brilliant pieces, my absolute favorite is far left dress coat!

Juraj Zigman Fall/Winter 2013. collection

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  1. Every day on my way to work, I pass it by Lei Lou store...i WANT IT ALL!!! <3 Simply gorgeous!!


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