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Ring-a-ling - Chanel Fall Couture 13'.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

All photos:   www.style.com

While still reviewing to post Spring 2014. shows in Milan I also got my eyes on Fall 13' trends seen on runways last season which are now taking over streets and getting individual twists. One of those trends is the Chanel's top of the finger ring staking seen on   Fall 2013 Couture collection runway. 

I am playing with this trend for the last couple of days, trying to find matching silver and sparkly rings of different sizes and since I have skinny long fingers I ended up checking also kids stores :)

Equally reminiscent of the Far Eastern influences and looking ahead in the futuristic "Brave New World" theme would be the best way I could describe Chanel's Fall 13' Couture collection. "On the way from the Old World to the New World" is the way Lagerfeld described it. On the other hand, about the clothes he said they were a bland of "tradition with the culture".

Personally, I love this kind of mix! All from hair to accessories, Victorian and Edwardian volumes and silhouettes contrasting fabrics with 3D effect, glittering out of this world fabrics, exquisite tailoring and detailing of each tweed jacket, hat and mirror embroidery as well as boots..amazing thigh high stocking suede boots. I am totally getting similar boots for this Fall! 

How do you like this amazing 'dream of the future' Couture collection?

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