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15 simple eating tips which make a difference.

Friday, September 27, 2013

 Producer & Fashion Editor: Claudia De-Meis for Harrods

After reviewing a number of videos and reading a number of articles about easy ways to change your eating habits in order to become healthier and have more energy I finally decided to write a post about it and share my learnings with you ladies.

As you know I live in between Budapest and Barcelona so I travel a lot both to see my boyfriend and for business. With spending a lot of time on the airports and in the airplane thus I don't eat always right. Sometimes I used to eat only a sandwich a day while sometimes I forgot to drink water and hydrate. With juggling both work and blog I don't sleep much at all. All of this together results with me being sick quite often.

Eating right, sleeping 8 hours a day, hydrating and exercising is not always only about loosing weight but also having beautiful radiant skin and hair, having energy, looking younger and being overall in the good mood and healthy. 

This is why since recently (ding!ding!) I finally started being more serious about drinking more water. I bring my Equa glass bottle with me in my purse everyday and add couple of slices of lemon to give it a flavor. Also, I try to make myself go to bed and sleep before midnight during the week and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Before my first morning coffee I always have one full glass of water and one cup of green tea with no sugar and I replaced my second cup of coffee in a day with a green tea. Instead of chocolates I used to have with coffee now I have granola bar or banana and almonds.  Instead of using sugar I learned from a friend Dunja to carry Stevia in my purse as a substitute. 

Below are 15 of small things I changed periodically which by now became habits and really make a visible difference in my lifestyle! 

1.Eat until you are 80% full. Confucius teaching recommends to eat slowly and really enjoy your food. 
2.Wait 20 minutes after your meal (from a small plate) to see if you are still hungry.
3.Don't eat 3 hours before you go to sleep (if you have to eat - eat banana, hard boiled egg or a cottage cheese).
4.Drink a cold glass of water in the morning to wake up your body and add few slices of lemon to speed up your metabolism
5.Drink more green tea! 

Fulvio Bonavia, book:  ‘A Matter of Taste’

6.Eat more frequently. Eat 5 smaller means a day (every 2-3 hours) and use smaller plate.
7.Ditch your soda drinks and other sugary drinks.
8.Use Stevia instead of white sugar (it eats your skins collagen!).
9.Eat banana or other fruit instead of chocolates and other snacks (check out some of my favorite recipes).
10.Drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal to cut your calorie intake.

11.Ditch your sides (for example ditch fries when you eat burger or have salad or steamed vegetables instead).
12.Exercise! At least a little bit, at home (check out the list of home exercise videos I do daily).
13.Have more colors in your vegetables and less whites - pasta, potatoes, rice, bread.
14.If you really crave some type of junk food - have it once a week (on a small plate ;))
15.It only takes a 21 days to start a new habit! TRY IT! 

In case you think you can use some of these, try it and let me know if you notice a difference. I would love to hear also if you have any additional tips to share!

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