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Make up tips by Nataša Veličković & "My Little Make Up Book" Giveaway.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hanging out with my beauty blogger friends and partnering with Estee Lauder for a number of posts now got me quite interested for beauty and make up world as I realized what a bit difference good quality product and proper application of make up make. Duhhh you might say, but when it comes to make up I always kind of kept it basic for the day and when I need an evening make up done, I have a professional do it for me.

As a day-wear I use Estee Lauder BB cream, MAC blush, Clinique Chubby Stick for lips and a bit of a mascara and out I go. For traveling I use mineral spray from Avene as I spend a lot of time in airplanes so my skin gets quite dehydrated during my sometimes weekly travels.

To upgrade my knowledge of make up application I consulted a creative make up artist, young lady from Serbia - Nataša Veličković and a 'just what I needed' purse size make up manual "My Little Make Up Book" put together by a publisher of my favorite planner - Ženski Rokovnik and my friend and favorite beauty blogger and vlogger Ana Mandekić

Now, 10 lessons I learned from "My Little Make Up Book" which contains tricks and tips for make up application, 13 full make up tutorials for different occasions and looks: 

#1 How to apply liquid eyeliner
#2 Smokey eyes tutorial
#3 How to properly blend eye shadow 
#4 Which brushes to use and how to angle them 
#5 How to shape your eyebrows
#6 What are the must have items in cosmetic purse (on a go, make up book fits to purse as well)
#7 How to choose make up based on your face shape
#8 How to hide blemishes
#9 Best way to emphasize eyes based on their shape and make them bigger
#10 Best way to apply your lipstick to last longer

Now, since I am not a beauty expert but rather still learning I asked make up artist Nataša Veličković to top up with some of her basic make up tips she use with her clients. This is what she shared:


For a day wear I recommend my clients to use oil-free compact powders (ex. Shiseido) just to event out their skin tone a bit, to emphasize their eyes with a dark mascara with rubber brush (ex. Loreal golden mascara) and lipstick or gloss in neutral color (ex. Clarins Eclat Minute).


Evening make up should of course be a bit more prominent so Nataša recommends liquid oil-free foundation matching your skin tone over which you should apply mat powder with a gentle brush corresponding with your blush.  Ladies with darker skin tone should go with more bronze or apricot while ladies with lighter skin tone should use pink shades of blush. Nataša recommends to emphasize your eyes with volume mascara with rubber brush and liquid or pencil eyeliner (which ever you feel more comfortable using) and of course lipstick in your favorite color.

EXTRA TIPS! Many girls like golden-brown shades of eye-shadow or silver-purple mix. while if you have green or blue eyes you shouldn't use blue and green eye-shadow colors. On a wider part of your face you should never put bronzer as it further widens them.

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