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KatWalking in Budapest: Heros Square & City Park.

Monday, August 26, 2013

This weekend I had a friend from Zagreb joining me for a KatWalk through Budapest! 

Dunja Tadić is a business owner of a company which produced popular Croatian planner customized for women -   "Ženski Rokovnik" as well as purse size   "My Little Make Up Book" which I presented and gave away in one of the last weeks post to lucky winner from Varaždin - Anja Vincek

Other then being a successful business women, Dunja is also a beautiful fashion lover, LaKatWalk reader and my fellow Starbucksoholic so we got along just fine this weekend in Budapest. Two days of a weekend ran short as we had a lovely time talking about all from work to love, to New York and back to Budapest beautiful Heros Square, eating cotton candy in City Park (Városliget) and closing the weekend with skinny peppermint mocha on Starbucks terrace, watching rain drizzling and bringing first signs of Fall to  Budapest. 

Look out for more posts from my KatWalking through Budapest series coming soon! :)

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