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Croatian fashion designers SS 2013. lookbook.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All photos:   Goran Čižmešija & Jelena Balić 
Hair: Ivica Palinić | Make up: Žana Kožul 
Outfits:   Teo Perić for Mak | Lookbook by 

For those of you who follow Croatian fashion for a while this common editorial of Croatian fashion designers done by portal will come as no surprise. The oldest Croatian fashion portal has always hearty supported Croatian fashion advocating, pushing (quite literally) and creating media space for local designers all the way from their school days to first business openings. You can read more about the way they work in my   interview with editor in chief Lucija Biondić from 2011.

 Left photo: Nataša Jeletić Studio | Right photo: Mabo fashion

Some of you might remember that I covered their amazing (still my favorite) Croatian designer online editorial  back in April, 2010 titled  'Abused Mommy' and later in 2011.  'Buble gum fun'Also, in 2010. portal organized  Croatian designer equivalent of 'Fashion night's out with the purpose to unite Croatian designer industry, bring people to and educate about Croatian designers work and of course to motivate sales and to try to wake up severely damaged local textile industry.

Left photo: Etna Maar | Right photo: MAKS studio &

My favorite pieces in this lookbook are those of    Teo Perić for Croatian fashion house MAK. Teo always creates such an elegant, timeless pieces in modern textures and colors with that mysterious glam feel to it.

Very exciting and much awaited project! Great work team we hope to see many more! :)

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