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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

All photos: Decker + Kutić | Make up: Illamasqua 
 Hair: Kevin.Murphy | Model: Ana Buljević

Branka Donassy is one of most consistent Croatian designer with most experience and credentials both from industry and media side with well defined clientele base who looks for timeless pieces of immaculate making. Currently, the brand has a store in Zagreb Croatia and newly opened location in hotel Excelsior at Croatian's main and one of the world's most beautiful tourist destinations - Dubrovnik.

 From season to season DONASSY brand showcases consistently great quality collections which I have been admiring from distance but never managed to connect with fully and find a piece which is really 'me' until this SS 2013. season collection. I always felt like the color pallet was a bit to dark for me and the tailoring and fit seemed to speak more to the older age group ladies then me in previous years at least :)

According to designer the new SS 2013. collection is inspired by the sand shaped by beach waves, a dried gray random piece of wood  which ocean has thrown out at the beach, wet beach rocks and deep blue water blue shades. All fabrics used in SS 2013. collection are natural: cotton and linen with metallic layers, forms are soft and fluid describing subtle both at the same time energetic Donassy women. 

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