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My favorite Spring flats.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos: LuisaViaRoma | Tory Burch flats: leopard 230E | black 190E | Red/green/yellow/red 215E 

Those who know me will know that I don't wear flats very often, especially not during the part of the month when I stay at Barcelona (although I am quite tall 6'1'' my boyfriend is 7'1'') as there I work from home and most of the times I go out, I take the car so I can always wear heels.

Before when I lived in New York or now for the part of the month when I stay in Budapest I carry one pair of flats in my bag and one pair of heels with me during the work week, especially when taking subway and having meatings outside of the office and then I put on the heels in the office when I arrive.

Still, for the time I do wear flats, I want them to be fabulous, so for this post I selected my very favorite ballerinas and loafers for this season. Couple of these I already have and some are on my wish list, the leopard pair of Torry Burch flats I am planning to get next week when I am traveling to London, I had black pair of the same model for three full years in NY and they are really comfortable, soft and last long, I wore them quite often!

I will also look for pink or burgundy pair of Valentino Red rubber flats with a cute bow, these will be perfect for keeping my feet fabulous during refreshing Summer showers.

Photos:   LuisaViaRoma | Valentino Red 94E

"It's very passe to think women want to spend a fortune on clothes."
Tory Burch 

I order all of my shoes and all of the models from pics bellow are available on LuisaViaRoma website, they have a free shipping, great customer service and deliver quite fast, so far I have a great experience shopping with them.

Photos:   LuisaViaRoma | Marc Jacobs 218E | Michael Kors 150E | McQueen 345E

Photos:   LuisaViaRoma | Charles Philip 164E | Jeffrey Campbell 155E | Charles Philip 129E

Photos:   LuisaViaRoma | McQueen 395E | Charlotte Olympia 625E | McQueen 495E

Did you already got your first pair of Spring flats? There is a plenty of them in the stores but from my personal experience, the trick is to find a pair which are not to stiff, are made of leather at least as in warm weather our feet swear more, so leather ones you will be able to wear barefoot as well and most importantly that they are sturdy enough. There are way to many poor quality cloth flats which you need to replace after a month so choose smartly and carefully! :)


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