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Insta-month in Barcelona.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As you might have noticed I have been posting less frequently in past number of weeks while I was working from Barcelona. I had my regular work week connecting to business trip to Brussels and Easter holidays which I could spend with my boyfriend and my dog Papi working from this beautiful and warm city.

Since the beginning of the year I have built up quite a comprehensive 'to do' list and here I don't mean the list of cliche, general things like start exercising, eat healthy etc. my goals were more simple :)

      For example, I wanted to finally replant my kitchen orchids into one big pot (and learn how to do it in a process), replant my balcony tree (which as my friend Anita saids is wearing couple of sizes to small pair of 'shoes' aka its pot is to small) and plant my cooking herbs like mint, basil and rosemary.

     Also, I really wanted to take some quality time (not just during plane rides) and learn Spanish more intensively as well as to learn how to cook some new meals.

Finally...during last almost four weeks in Barcelona I made it! Mostly during weekends or when I finished working in decent time and still had some energy left in me, I tried to cook some new meals like: chicken pesto, broccoli cheddar soup, Easter bread, daily vegetable soups and a desert here and there. I have to admit that I am becoming better and better cook and actually started enjoying cooking, I guess it all depends who I cook for.

Most importantly, I straighten my priorities a bit and spent quality time with my two favorite boys - Ante and Papi, we even took afternoon naps together during weekend. Heaven! :)

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