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Fashionability with responsability.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

                                                          Photo: H&M Conscious collection

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” 
 Mahatma Gandhi

This week is Earth Week and everyone is trying to be a bit more mindful on how they use energy, throw their trash and consume daily consumer goods. Media is bombarding us with tips and tricks which I think are good to put on a pin board somewhere in the apartment or in the office as a reminder for the rest of the year as well.

A couple of things I do to care about environment more and my body as well is to walk wherever I can without using a car or any other mean of transportation, I bring water in my purse everywhere in my equa thin glass water bottle, recycle my trash and plant my own spices, I also bring my fashionable canvas Karl Lagerfeld bag with me in my purse for whenever I plan to do a grocery shopping after work.
I selected a couple of ways fashion industry gives back.


Fashion industry is known to be not just very creative but also actionable and generous when giving back, and doing so in organized and transparent matter. 

I know that every time you walk down the street someone is asking you to donate, sign or commit to a charity cause. My way of thinking about it and choosing if I will engage is that it is equally important to investigate and truly personally believe in the cause, to make sure that if you are donating your time or money it is for the cause you are passionate about and believe it.

 “I am excited to see so many of my friends and CFDA designers use these hearts as a blank canvas for their unique creative expression to raise money. Together, we believe in the brilliant artistry of a country filled with some of the most creative people I have ever met.”

Donna Karan 

One of my favorite recent projects are Donna Karen and CFDA project initiated on Valentines day and still ongoing called Fashion for Heiti: One Million Hearts. Over 160 fashion designers participated in this project by decorating custom papier-mache hearts which are now auctioned off on until May 2nd to raise money for Donna Karen's Urban Zero foundation dedicated to creating jobs and enhancing education of Haiti’s artisans.


Consumerism and constant need for shopping is creating a demand for mass production, which includes mass resource extraction, fabrication, distribution, and eventually, disposal. This system is not at all sustainable and it creates a bit amounts of waste in energy and products. 

Have you ever wondered what upcycled clothing is? After listening to CFDA Earth Day Google + chat  I started to investigate more about it. Upcycled clothing is the green, environmentally and socially conscious side to the fashion industry which is sweeping the youth generation of today, you could notice on Ebay that some clothes are marked as upcycled clothes. To upcycle clothes simply means to redesign, rework, and recreate clothing pieces that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Photo: H&M Conscious collection

Photo: H&M Conscious collection

Some of the negative consequences of factory-made, mass-produced, or  even worse sweatshop made clothing include the need for it to be made long distances away (where workforce is cheap) the lack of sustainability and temptation to always buy more (aka our consumerism), and the ignorance that occurs when we buy a product and have no idea where, or how, it is made.
Great examples of this practice after a number of complaints for unsustainable practices is H&M with their Garden collection launched in 2010. and then Conscious collection a year later. Also, TopShop has launches their Reclaim to wear collection made out of upcycled materials.

“This is the first step towards the creation of zero-waste design collections ” 

Orsola de Castro, TopShop


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