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KatWalking in Brussels, Belgium.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

   Last couple of days I spent on a short business trip in beautiful Brussels, Belgium. Other then rich architecture and world famous chocolate and pastries I was thrilled with gorgeous hotel  Amigo
their great customer service and delicious food. 

 I had just about half an hour when I arrived to see the city a bit before checking in the hotel, I wouldn't be able to do more then that even if I wanted to as it was very, very cold for this time of the year, especially for me flying in from Barcelona. 

Chocolate and pastries were at every corner so if you are on diet, my advise is not to go to Belgium as it is absolutely impossible to resist Belgium's great quality chocolate, cakes and pasty offering. About 10 minutes after arriving to city center I already had warm Starbucks skinny late and Belgium waffle in my hands, enjoying every single bite of it during my short walk to the hotel.

On Monday evening we had delicious dinner at   Atomium, monument built for the World Fair in Brussels 1958. and today most popular tourist attraction and symbol of this European's capital.The highest sphere - Panorama is at 92m and it offers a 360 view of the whole city!  

Hopefully I will get back to Brussels soon, when there will be warmer weather and of course, when I will not be on diet. :)


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