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KatWalking in Park Güell, Barcelona.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Even though I come to Barcelona every month, due to the fact that I work 10-12 hrs/day and the rest of the time I am catching up on house choirs and spending good quality time with my boyfriend or supporting him at his basketball games we didn't have quite much time to explore Barcelona and its fabulous tourist spots like park Guell which we visited this past Saturday.

Neither my boyfriend nor I like to be at places with a lot of people due to the fact that I am working in communications, so I am talking and emailing every second of the day and he plays basketball so people pull his hand all of the time for autographs and photos and he is rather introverted vs. me, I am a total hyper social butterfly most of the time but when I am spending leisure time with him after work hours, I don't like to be disturbed.

Evening at park Guell or Gaudi park as they call it, with so many fascinated, at times a bit creepy Gaudi's art mixed with natural beauty of the park and gorgeous view of the city as if it was on the palm of our hands together with a glass of home made sangria surely made our weekend. We promised to each other that we will try to go and explore cultural spots of Barcelona more often rather then just stopping by our favorite restaurants and lounging at our couch.

Sunday was rather special as well, it was my boyfriends birthday but he also played a game that evening. During his morning practice and afternoon rest I closed the kitchen doors and cooked bunch of food, snakes, muffins and a cheese cake for surprise party I was throwing for him at our apartment. It was a bit hard since he was right there, but luckily, I played it cool and he didn't see it coming.

Week earlier I ordered him a huge birthday cake with his photo and happy birthday written in Croatian which I have sent to locker room after the game so he can celebrate with his teammates and I have key to the apartment to his four closest friends from the team, during his post-game press conference they managed to get to and hide in our apartment, my boyfriend and I arrived soon after and they jumped up to scare him, he was absolutely thrilled!

This was the first thing I was hiding from him since we have been together, I almost told him everything couple of times! But thanks God, I managed to keep it for myself and his party was a total success!


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  1. Hvala Rajna <3 Trudim se malo više sama fotkati al nam je vrijeme baš bilo bljak ovaj daj. Moram se još naučiti s kamerom raditi. ;)


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