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Kindness is the new black.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, 
but because of those who look on and do nothing." 
                                                                          Albert Einstein 

  This week, as many other I found inspiration for my blog post in regular people's every day acts of kindness which are multiplying as economies around the world tumble down with rapid speed and those at power fail to think of us, little people and continue to think of profit, self gain and failing regulations and processes claim they must follow. 

So while church in Croatia is spending money on advertising to stop basic sex-ed in schools and not allowing homeless people to find shelter in "God's house" so they sleep under the ATM's and on cold park benches; government officials are debating on who's fault it is that snow hasn't been cleaned so disabled neighbor in a wheelchairs with no glows cleans the slow with a shovel, every day people started to pay more attention and take action for their fellow humans in need.

In many  interviews I did journalist asked me to classify this page, my blog as fashion or lifestyle/personal blog and my answer has always been the same, for me, fashion is a lifestyle and my lifestyle includes all life experiences that I go through, my observations of the current environmental, social and political situation as well as love lessons and lyrics that I write thereafter. 

For me, fashion is a form of activism and it should never fail to raise it's powerful, fabulous and creative voice, their following and the power of social media to bring attention to important matters and CALL TO ACTION in order to mobilize and motivate the masses to help those in need. 

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody,
 you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.”  
Malcom Bane

More is the most recent case to illustrate my point:

 last week in Croatia man who was disabled in war and was short after forgotten by the same country he helped to defend wrote a short note on a little piece of paper and left it on the buss stop in his neighborhood: "I am disabled and poor, if somebody has used shoes size 46, please let me know." One lady who saw his message shared it on Facebook, I as many others shared the same photo. A friend of my boyfriend asked me to call this man so he can donate one of his shoes, so I did. The men seemed a bit shy, he thanked me at least five times and he joked on his own expense, saying how he doesn't feel like Cinderella any more as he got three pairs already.e Facebook page was soon created by the lady who took the photo to help others in similar need of clothing, home appliances and shoes.

Most of the people who are in a desperate need of help like this don't have Facebook or Internet for that matter so the best thing would be to look around you, just look around every day and if you can - help. 

By help I don't mean that you give cash or coins to every single person who begs for it at the corner but take extra clothes from home or other things you don't need, expecially now during Winter cold, look that person in their eyes rather then looking away and passing by them, smile and hand them as a gift what you don't need anyways. Trust me, giving will feel like the gift to you as well!

Did you already help or join any of the organizations to volunteer your time our donate your used clothes or household items ladies? 


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