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1...2...3...Work it out!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lily Donaldson featured in the V Magazine, March 2012

Even though its still quite cold outside Spring is indeed behind the corner, especially if we are talking fashion calendar. Most retail stores are already displaying Spring collections in their windows. So...before we are ready to wear upcoming Spring's quite unforgiving whites, yellows and beige we better start shaping up and working out quickly! 

With this post I would like to give you a short fashionable guide on how to motivate and equip yourself to start working out still today! Because yesterday, you probably said you would do it tomorrow. ;)


Obviously our prime motivation should be healthy and vibrant body, but let's be honest, most of the time it's not. Usually it is rapidly approaching Summer bikini season or another special occasion in life like for example, your wedding. See...for me it's usually clothes :) 

So what I do is that I buy a dress I was dying to have and wear in size I should be as per my height, age and well...pre-Christmas measures and then I hang it in front of my closet as a motivation. I also print and stick Kate Moss's quote both at work by my laptop screen and at home at the fridge: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." -it works for me, true story ladies.


Or the way I like to call it "looking pretty at the gym FW 2012/13. for SS 2013." What you wear in the gym is obviously very personal cause you should wear whatever makes you comfortable but I think that many confuse the word comfortable with sloppy. Same way you do shopping for any other occasion you should do for working out and you should think of it as a long term day to day activity and not just 'new years resolutions session' and 'panic mode before the Summer session' in the gym. 

My proposal is to use year end discounts to stock up on some gym basics like tank tops, really good sports bras, joga pants or tights, towels, slippers, reusable water bottle to stay eco-friendly and most importantly good quality gym shoes. 

Bellow are my suggestion of the best pics based on my experience in the last couple of years. For workout clothes I mostly choose Victorias Secret Pink and VSX collections, I have been wearing them since college and still order them here in Europe and I am very happy with the comfort, support and durability they provide.

Victorias Secret VSX Sport collection | price tops: 29 - 56 USD | price bottoms: 64 - 69 USD

Victorias Secret Pink Collection | price: 59.50 USD

I recently got contacted by a charming lady from Equa company producing these practical, very good quality, healtiher for usage then plastic bottles, eco-friendly (100% recyclable) and oh-so-fashionable glass bottles. These bottles are made out of borosilicate glass and the cap is made of stainless steel while they are  further protected with silicone bands which prevents them from slipping from your hands during work out.

On top of all, 10% of each purchase goes to none-profit organizations which work to reduce eco-print of plastic bottles in the world.

I have chosen this third yellow and pink bottle for testing and will let you know my hands-on experience soon. 

I really love customised things so I totally fell in love with Nike's iD collections where you can customise your shoes and other sportswear by adding your iD (name, number etc.) as well as choose the color of every little piece of your shoe! I customised bellow pieces to my liking but you can make it be any of the offered colors.

Nike iD sneakers | price: 145 - 170 USD


The gym I go to by my office here in Budapest offers variety of group programs like Zumba, cycling, yoga, pilates etc. as well as the Olympic size pool and regular gym. I do most of my workouts in a regular gym and I listed to the music on my iPhone all the way through.

Few years ago when I was still living in US I got Nike+ sneakers and Apple made sensor which goes into your shoe and it records your runs and synchronizes it via your iPhone Nike application. Great think about my gym is that machines I mostly use: track, elliptical and step machine have USB port where I insert my iPhone and see my playlists on the machine screen during my workout. Once I am done I can share my run score on Facebook and Twitter and brag about how well I ran :)

 Lastly, I can only say, pack up, still today, get up and go do it! Most importantly have fun working out and start today because 4 month from now, you will be sorry you haven't started today!


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