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Holiday gift guide for HIM & HER.

Monday, December 17, 2012

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Today I have started my Christmas gifts shopping here in Budapest and this year I actually decided to do it on a more organized and controlled way. First I made a list of closest family and a couple of best friends who I want to buy gifts for and ordered what I need to order online since most online stores require you to make orders before December 19th in order to have gifts delivered by Christmas.

 Then, since I don't know the city well I googled and researched the shopping malls and found the one with most stores I would like to visit and went there with the list and predetermined budget. I withdrew the exact amount of money in cash and first went to do the customised gifts which required printing, engraving etc. so these can be done by the time I am done shopping and then I bravely walked through absolutely packed hallways and stores of the shopping mall. Usually, I prefer to shop on the work days in the morning when not many people are in the stores, due to my busy schedule, still taking over a new position at work and living in between Budapest and Barcelona I will not have this luxury this year.

The first rule for me for Christmas shopping is 'Don't panic!', a second one is 'Start early!' and third one is 'Don't overspend!', Christmas should not be about things so when you shop you shouldn't get things just to get them because it is Christmas and you need to get something to everybody. 

Sit down in peace, have a cup of coffee or a tea and think about people you care about and what are their interests, what is that they said they maybe lost and might want to have back, what are the thing they are saving for to which you can maybe contribute a bit or if you are on a really limited budget and spend a lot of time with these people just make a nice collage of photos from fun times you had together in the past year and put it all together in a creative frame or an album you will take time to decorate on your own.

Bellow are some fun gifts I was looking into which might work for your loved ones as well. :)


Dear male readers, no matter what you do, always remember make it personal, emotional, make it smell nice, always write a note to go with the present!

Luxurious scented candle by R-Nichols | Oprah's favorite| price: $45| burns 60 hours (delivers to Europe)

Ženski rokovnik - ladies only planner available for sale in each dm store in Croatia and online 
Price: 80.90 kn

Jeffrey Campbell bedazzled loafers via Nasty Gal | Price: 94.19 Euro

For busy women on a run this is a very practical gift!
Cream Quilted Olivia Butterfly Twists ballerinas via Butterfly Twists | price: 25 GBP.

I have this bracelet and love it! It works both with casual and evening wear and it looks really luxurious.


Ladies, In my experience men want practical gifts, nothing overly couture and to trendy. If you think about it, they ask quite frequently 'What is this for?' Make sure that their gift is in-line with their interest, useful and fun, cause as Coco Chanel said: "As long as you know men are like children, you know everything."

Sherlock Holmes PlayStation game, it is strategic, none violent and you can play it together :)
 Price: $ 49

Clinique men's cosmetic pack | price: 80 Euro

Customised bath robe | price: $69

Men's manicure set | price: $30

If you are not sure what to get for the lady in your life or a friend or you don't have time to go shopping, you can always write a card and get a gift card online and print it out on a nice piece of paper and put it in an envelope together with a card, just make sure you also write a nice personal note. I have great experience shopping from NastyGal, Lulu's, LuisaViaRoma and Asos

The same might apply to the men in your life, if they have a hobby they are very passionate about for example my dad hiking or my boyfriend dad - crossword puzzles, then go for a gift which corresponds with their interests.

I hope you found my gift guide useful lovelies! Have a lovely Christmas shopping!


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