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From inspiration to creation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photo: Jure Perišić

Although I support, buy clothes from and follow the work of many Croatian fashion designers, there are a few who really grew on me through years and are really developing into not only creative talents but also a great business people working with many worldwide known brands and companies. 

LEI LOU by Alex Dojčinović

This post I am dedicating to my friend, a marvelous business women, practical and creative fashion designer and now a household name in Croatia and neighboring countries - Aleksandra Dojčinović who has developed her brand Lei Lou into a recognizable, luxury go-to brand known primarily by it's comfortable elegance, lovely, simple cut, meticulously tailored dresses with a mysterious dash of sexiness and intelligence to them which women of various ages and body shapes can wear morning to evening daily, while feeling comfortable and confident. 

Bellow you can see the romantic inspiration I pulled out of her patterns and fabrics while exploring her collection in the backstage of event for SS 2013. season. In line with Lei Lou brand equity - clothing for real women, Lei Lou capsule collection was modeled by selected Croatian Fashion editors. 

When I asked Aleksandra to comment some journalist's statement that she continues to "play it safe" with her collections and she said that "It is the hardest to design a simple dress", which I actually agree with. Knowing her I am sure she can sketch and produce quite comprehensive pieces but as she said: Who would buy it? Who would wear it? - indeed, she wants to design for real women, who get up in the morning and go to work. Lei Lou is here to provide them with all day luxury feel, because this is what ladies deserve. 


Another feminine and elegant Croatian brand which I closely follow is Envy Room. Designer duo Vjeko Franetović and Nikica Ivančević can certainly say they know women. Their amazing sense for subdued and mysterious sex appeal has won over the hearts of many women in Croatia and internationally who now became their returning customers. 

What I particularly like about this duo is their sense of aesthetics, ability to innovate and reinvent themselves from season to season, generating new trends and bringing fresh approach to Croatian fashion scene inspired by a strong women or particular era in fashion history. 

I really enjoy their lacy body hugging dresses with nautical detailing and short peplum from latest collection. 
Vjeko and Nikica are indeed just a burst of positive energy and quite a savvy and good looking business man duo, aways well connected personally with their customer through their blog, column, website and social media channels. My favorites are their Instagram: @envyroom and Facebook page

Envy Room SS 2013.

Envy Room FW 2012. 

Photo: Šime Eškinja | Model: Korana Gvozdić
| Make up: Sanja Agić | Hair: Irena Ružić

Which Croatian designers do you follow the most ladies? Who's clothing do you already wear and love?


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