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Fashion photographer quickie: Daša Gajić.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For this post I had a great pleasure to interview a lovely lady photographer, Mrs.Daša Gajić, who contacted me as a follower of my blog and we continued to set a theme for the photographs you will see in this post. 

I suggested and Daša agreed to describe a lady through different stages of her life in black and white photography. Daša was kind enough to follow through and put together a lovely portfolio of emotional and real life photos which best desribe a lifetime of a lady in Banja Luka, Belgrade and Venice.

Read through this short interview to meet Daša and her lovely ladies in black and white. 

When did you start photographing, do you consider photography your profession?  
Photography was part of my life as far as I can remember it. I grew up in artistic surrounding, and camera was one of my first toys. I was part of my first team exhibition when I was 13, but I never knew or planned photography to become my profession. I was focused mostly on studying political science, getting my masters degree and with looking for a “real” paying job, however, my love for photography overcame it all.

In 2010. Photography has become my profession, while I feel like I learned and grew the most this summer. This year was an absolute fairytale for me as it comes to photography! My fairytale continues through this fall as well, true testimonial for this is also this interview for a fashion blog which I regularly follow and love.

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
"This is one of my favorite street-style photos from Banja Luka, Bosnia. 
This lady is dressed quit stylish, 
she is proving that a lady can look elegant even when riding a bike." 

Do you ever think about fashion when you take photos? How do you define fashion?
I love fashion, but I don’t follow fashion trends much. Fashion is inspiration source for me, it is a game, source of joy and integral part of daily life.

As one of the most amazing fashion designers Dries Van Notes said:
"Coincidence is important, the convergence of different ideas, 
but sometimes you think so much that at the end it is dead.”

My personal view of fashion and photography is similar to his, I am trying to find this fine balance of coincidence and inspiration, I try to enjoy what I am doing, give it my personal mark and don’t put too much thinking into it.

Belgrade, Serbia.
"I usually don’t like to take photos of people from their back, this photo is an exception. 
I really like how mum and daughter outfits are matching.
 I really think this little girl will be a true fashionista when she grows up." 

Do you think that a person can learn to be a good photographer or one needs to have that “special something”?
I think it is extremely important to learn, to educate yourself, practice and continue to progress in technical and creative sense. It is very important to follow the work and learn from other photographers but I also agree that one needs to have that X factor, “an eye” to catch interesting things at right time on a right way.

My general motto is: 
“Learn all you can learn, and the forget all you learned so you could create.”

Venice, Italy.
"This lady defines elegance as per dictionary definition. 
Her outfit is simple, casual but sophisticated and balanced."

Do you think that photography as a format will essentially die out with development of new technologies and with advance of video format?
It’s hard to say, I hope it will not, although it is true that more and more photographers are turning to video format. I still think that the best days of photography are ahead of us.

Follow Daša's work via her Facebook page and her Streetstyle Banja Luka Facebook page.


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  1. Prekrasne i zanimljive fotke, obožavam crno bijelu fotografiju, a ove baš imaju i dušu. Love it!

    1. Hvala ti Dunja, i meni se jako sviđa Dašin način rada.


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