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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"I wear my Chucks with any uniform I need to wear be it a team uniform for travel or a dress up suite for formal occasions. They are one part of my look which I always keep true to who I am."

This post has been long into making. Every time I am picking up my boyfriends sneakers around the house I tell him -"I really need to write a post about your sneaker collection sometimes soon, you have more shoes then most women I know!" So tonight,  finally this "sometimes soon" time happened.

Other then our love for each other (duhh), playing PlayStation 3 and eating peanut-noodles we also share our love for James Dean t-shirts and Converse sneakers, although my boyfriend definitely has more Chucks then I do, overall my heels pick up the total score to my advantage.

„Only the gentle are ever really strong.“ 
James Dean 

So today we pulled out his favorite sneakers from one of his shoe cabinets and realized that more then eighty percent of his sneakers are Converse. This must be worth of a blog post I thought :)

When we first started dating I noticed that he is wearing Chucks for..well..every occasion. He wore them for clubbing, for going to the beach, I was only surprised he didn't play basketball in them, which he probably would, if he could, so he told me the story of his oldest pair of slip-on Chucks and on how he got hooked for life to wearing Converse sneakers daily.

These red leather John Varvatos limited edition ones are my favorite pair

Ante got his first pair of cream color slip-on All Star Converse sneakers in Summer 2008. in New York where he went to participate on NBA draft. He paid them almost $100 at the time and wore them so much since that they broke at couple of places so his dad fixed them with superglue.

Although Ante keeps buying new pairs and various designer limited edition Converse sneakers, he remains quite emotional about his first pair of Chucks so he still slips them on occasionally. As you can see from the photo bellow - these really earned their retirement ;)

Few days ago we got Ante walked through the door coming from practice and he said: "They arrived!" with his face stretched in a big kid smile showing me the newest edition to his vast shoe collection - high top gray leather Converse shoes. I really like the round stamp logo on their inner sides and dark shoe laces. 

Knowing how hard it is for Ante to find cool casual clothes and shoes in his size I found the story he told me about his first pair of Chucks really heart-warming. I was surprised to find that he remembers all of the details so vividly and still has this emotional connection to his first pair of Converse sneakers which he bought on his own. 

Seems like not only us girls get emotional when talking about shoes! ;)


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