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Moving in Barcelona apartment.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As announced in my last post my boyfriend and I found a lovely furnished apartment in Barcelona to move into and we finally moved out of the hotel. After his practice game last Saturday at noon we moved in and since apartment is huge and we didn't have a lot of stuff we just dropped our stuff talked to the cleaning lady and ran to Ikea and food store to get some basics for first week or so.

Although the apartment was more or less clean when we entered it, like any other women I could find stuff I would clean and arrange differently so I spent most of first couple of weeks rearranging,cleaning and beautifying things around the house. Saturday night we returned from shopping around midnight, I made chicken fajitas and we past out in bed, dead tired from running around all day.

Monday (yesterday) was also my first work day so I had to do all of the laundry and pack my boyfriend for his short preseason trip before Monday morning "first day after vacation" craziness. 

Bellow you can see a number of photos I managed to take in my breaks last couple of days, it is weird how in conversation our pronouns are changing more and more daily...we are having more and more "we's" and a bit less "I's".

Ufff..just looking at these photos makes me realize how fast last 2 weeks went through. Feels like a completely new chapter in both of our lives. I would be happy to hear from you ladies who also had an experience of moving to another country.


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2 fabulous comments

  1. super slike,stan bas lijepo izgleda :)

  2. o joj ja kad sam uselila nedavno u svoj u zg bila totalno izgubljena, em nisam poznavala grad, em sam morala sve nanovo namjestiti, tlaka žešća! sad već domaća :D


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