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Goodbye Princesa Sofia!

Friday, August 24, 2012

This has been a long vacation week for my boyfriend and I in Barcelona - well vacation for me and painful pre-seasons work our week for him. We have been living in lovely Gran Hotel Princesa Sofia which is really a great and luxurious hotel but we couldn't wait to finally stop living out of our suitcases and start settling in an amazing apartment which we chose.

Seems like the move is happening tonight as they told us apartment should be ready for us later today. Obviously, it's his apartment, I was just helping him pick one and we will try to clean it and decorate it through next couple of days to make it a home for him and I when I visit each month.

Since we are just moving in later this evening, I will be posting photos of our progress with settling in during next week, make sure you stop by to see the walk-in closet photos which I am particularly excited about.

With this post I am reminding you on the series of post I wrote since I arrived in Barcelona, most of them experiential "Lines of life" , some useful tips for fashion travelers but also a lovely post from "Lines of passion for fashion" category about pants trend for upcoming Fall season, check them out if you haven't already, I would love to read your comments and thoughts on them.

You can also check out my Weekend Stylebook suggestion for this weekend which I am posting every Friday on  lifestyle portal.

Hastaluego with this njumy desert lovelies! Stay tuned for lovely photos, reports from Barcelona & finally a cool Spanish giveaway I will be doing prior to my trip back to Croatia!


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