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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bebe Galaxy dress

Galaxy print has been trending since beginning of the 2011. again mostly through digital print fabrics which later expanded to galaxy print manicures, clutches, platform shoes and DIY projects for fashion bloggers trying to imitate the expensive digital print on silk dresses from Resort 2011. runway shoes, champion of which was Christopher Kane's Resort 2011. collection. 

Focused and precise as ever, Christopher Kane has showed us collection as if it would be viewed through the lens of the telescope. Kane's Resort 2011. collection featured gorgeous silk cashmere knitwear, voluminous silhouettes combined with leather jacket and  flaring nebulae exploding print.  

Christopher Kane Resort 2011.

Although I never follow trends blindly, a good way to adjust the trend you like to your personal style is to pick the styles you like, for example I wear a pencil skirt a lot because it suits my figure and it is appropriate for the job I have, but then I can play in a way that I wear a galaxy print silk skirt as a main outfit piece and then I wear a one color button up or an organic cotton t-shirt with some bold jewelry and a tailored cotton or a leather jacket.

Christopher Kane Aqua Gel Filled PVC Clutch

Small Magellanic Cloud Nebula Skirt

 Romwe tights
Christopher Kane (middle dress)

 Did you try to play with galaxy print or make your own DIY galaxy printed piece? If so, please do share the link to your tutorial, would be glad to see it! 


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