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Designer crush: Stéphane Rolland

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I have been following this amazing designer brand develop and I was particularly thrilled to see his 5year anniversary Fall Couture 2012. show. Famous by his architectural style and sharp bold cuts, for this collection Stephane Rolland chose the pallet of ivories, black and royal scarlet red. 

Gorgeous red carpet worthy gowns made of chiffon, silk and jersey were accessorized with chunky gold jewelry, belts and matching hardware details on platform sandals. My favorite were the next three gowns with 3D sculptural details and red feather tail siren dress.  

The show was closed by amazing Yasmin Le Bon wearing massive red jersey wedding gown which was made out of 49 yards or fabric and needed two assistants to be able to walk down the runway. 

This has to be one of the best shows I have seen recently, it had a strength, focus, it is wearable and made out of great quality fabrics.I am sure that the prices are high but each of these gowns is certain to be a show stopper and "all eyes on me" kind of red carpet dress. I am looking forward to see these dresses on magazine covers.

How do you like Stephane Rollands five year anniversary collection?


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