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Spring whites.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Photo source: cushnie et ochs s12rtw. www.style.com

There is no other color which better announces the transition between cold winter, unpredictable spring and warm summer then white. Here I am not talking about tulle wedding dress white, but rather chock white or clean organic cotton white which ads a tad of freshness and pure elegance to any outfit.  My favorite white pieces are white suit dress, lacy white dresses which I wear during summer when my skin is nicely tanned, then white cardigan and naturally white swimsuit which comes as a summer suitcase staple (together with a black bikini).

To illustrate my point on ravishing power of white, I have added the latest inspirational editorials I found featuring gorgeous white pieces. This season I do not recommend heavily accessorizing your white dress or another one key outfit piece you choose; rather accentuate it with wearing just one bright color along with it be it a bright color dress under white blazer or a bright color necklace or more elaborate shoes with all white bias cut spring suite.

Photo source: Masha Markin by Richard Berardin for Dress to Kill Magazine Spring 2012.

Are you ready to wear spring whites lovelies?

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