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EARTH HOUR: 5 fabulous ways to protect the earth

Friday, March 30, 2012

Gisele Bundchen, Supermodel and environmentalist, is the Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment for EFW.

Earth Hour has grown from a one-city initiative in 2007, to a 5,251 city strong global movement, last year reaching 1.8 billion people in 135 countries across all seven continents.
Other than fashion, care for the environment is my second passion. I am working on organizing recycling in my office building and earth week activities in my company this April so I was interested to see how my two passions collide. What can all have us fashion lovers do, on a daily basis to protect the environment? I made a list of 5 things from my daily life, with some of which I am sure many of you might relate.

#1 Waste recycling.
Duhh..You might say! It is so very much important to separate your trash! I made myself separate named baskets for paper, plastic, organic waste, glass and cans which I once a week dispose in my buildings containers.

#2 Food & water.
The change I am trying to make it to buy groceries in bulks, bigger packages, cause this way I reduce the quantity of trash I create. I always carry my own bag and avoid plastic bags, fruits and vegetables I buy is always per piece so I can avoid those wrapped packages. Also, I got rid of the microwave, I try to eat as much as possible raw fruits, vegetables and nuts and drink water from the pipe rather than juices.  When I am going for a run or to the gym, I use BPA free plastic water bottle rather than buying disposable water bottles.
#3 Hair, makeup & clothes care.
Although I rarely use hair styling products, I always try to avoid aerosol deodorant sprays and hair sprays due to the damage they make to ozone layer. I rather use leave in conditioners and ion hair brush with rechargeable batteries and deodorant sticks rather than sprays. If you check out the back labels of leading detergents, you will see that there is no need for warm wash on high temperatures anymore. I always use liquid detergents for whites, darks and delicates and the highest temperature I wash them on is 60 Celsius. On top, make sure you find out how and out of which fabrics is your clothes made when you are shopping! Best quality fabrics are indeed the organic ones!
Zoe Bradley is an awesome artist. 
He creates astonishing things with paper and he even worked 
for McQueen!

#4 Energy & lights.
During the day I am sure I use up a lot of energy since I am on my computer a lot. When I leave the office I try to turn off the power strip bellow my desk which powers on all of my devices so this saves some energy during night.  When at home after work, I don’t cook much and I relax under candle light and I have installed LED bulbs which save me money cause they last much longer and are more energy efficient.

#5 No printing or writing on paper
I love planners, so I used to write all of my TO DO lists, contacts, ideas, and sketches in my planners but then when the calendar year ends and I am out of paper, I needed to copy all important info in my new planner. Now, I use iPhone apps for all of my disposable lists, contacts, shopping lists etc. and my planners are used only for ideas and sketches which make them last longer!  I travel a lot, so I save some trees by not printing any tickets; I use online or mobile flight check-ins.

Earth Hour 2012 will take place at 8.30pm – 9.30pm on Saturday 31 March
Unplug concert in Zagreb, park Zrinjevac @ 8:30pm

International supermodel Miranda Kerr has been announced as an Earth Hour global ambassador for the second consecutive year to use her voice to inspire people to participate in the new “I Will If You Will” campaign.

The model, entrepreneur and eco-advocate is the first celebrity to publicly announce an “I Will If You Will” challenge, which encourages people to go beyond the hour and take positive action for the environment. Miranda has pledged to conduct a free yoga class if 500 of her fans upload their own “I Will If You Will” challenge to View her challenge bellow.

To make your “I Will If You Will” challenge and accept Miranda’s challenges visit

To follow Miranda’s story and join in the conversation visit

For more information on Earth Hour visit

What will you do to contribute?


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