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KatWalking through Barcelona.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last 10 days were rather hectic for me, first I spent four intensive work days in Prague which I closed with a great cocktail evening with my friend Bojana who lives there, we sat down at Hilton hotel cocktail bar and hit some rather interesting topics such as: can we really ever forgive and forget infidelity and break up, can we stay friends with our ex, how much do women really sacrifice for love (career, personal growth, dreams etc.) and how often do they really get back in average…cocktails were great, I was really happy to hear opinion opposite to mine and reasoning behind it, I am so thankful to have such a diverse group of lady friends.

Right from Prague work week I flew to Barcelona to support my boyfriend and watch him play, during the day my friend Nina and I went exploring Barcelona, we ate amazing local food, went exploring vintage shops by foot, took the tour with tourist bus and each evening we went to watch our boyfriends game. I tell you, we were more nervous than they were, an hour before the game we could not eat, we couldn’t sleep the night before finals, and we lost our voice while cheering and were jumping of joy when they won the Cup finally after 19th years of not winning it.  I tell you, it’s not easy being athlete’sgirlfriend.

Lastly, we traveled back couple of hours after the final game together with the team, had a lovely dinner and well deserved day of rest yesterday. It’s back to reality today.
Stay tuned for some more great coverage from Spain.


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