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Double face love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photo by Frederik Heyman

Recent conversation with couple of my friends on trust and relationships got me thinking. Is love really double-faced? How many of us love with fingers crossed in our pockets? How many people is in relationship with one person with a number of B options just a click away in his/hers cell-phone, notebook, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp? So when the tough gets going in a relationship you are CLICK gone…and CLICK goes the next one…

I wrote about love and trust in a number of ways in couple of different posts, going through various stages in life. It was quite interesting for me to learn how my own views changed with experience, as I guess there is no other way to learn this lesson but on my own skin.
Here are the couple of posts I wrote on this topic…

Still, going through my current life stage and relationship I find myself going foolishly and naively all out on a daily basics trying to be positive, loving and thinking that the other person will equally openly and honestly feel and act towards me, with no fingers crossed with no B options CLICK away…does he, do they really do the same?

What should one do when in doubt? Confront for every little thing? Ask rather than assume? Listen to that women instinct or let it go?

When I look back and remember myself when I was a little girl observing my parents well functioning marriage…wearing crown on my head and princess outfit on a daily basis, acting and moving like a confident princess trusting each person from the first day we met – I almost feel guilty telling that same girl with same morals just a bit older now, to be careful, wiser, to step back and act unlike her character in order not to get hurt.

When did double face love got in fashion?

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6 fabulous comments

  1. super post!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. fino za inspiraciju i razmišljanje :)

    1. Hvala ti...proizaslo je iz vrlo zanimljive rasprave s udanom prijateljicom.

  3. Vau! jezgrovito, fino sročeno i zanimljivo!svaki daljni komentar suvišan.


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