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Perfectly fitted men.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I recently came across a website of a young Italian company Neronote, it is a new online clothing brand which manufactures tailor made and customizable shirts. It manufactures tailor made shirts in Italy, which can be all customized in every detail.

The Neronote's website has been realized to offer the customer a new user experience. In every step there are lots of detailed explanations, and buying a shirt will become a whole new personal and quite an intimate experience as it uses the approach which crosses the barriers of the standardization.

Neronote makes shirts basically in a classic "men's style" however many ladies have became their customers as they play with boy like style. This is why Neronote has introduced the option of left buttoning for the ladies. New options will be purposely added as well, like fancy buttons.

Neronote wants to serve a really wide variety of men, of different ages, body types, styles, cultures, social statuses. They don't have, and don't want, anything like "the ideal customer".
This is why they opted for a communication mostly centered on lifestyles and gestures that link the life's moments with shirts, rather than iconic people. For instance they have the groom with a white shirt holding the hand of his soon to be spouse, the precise man with a classic shirt adjusting his tie knot, or the cool guy holding a glass of wine at a social event.

Shirts standard sizes are up to 49 (20"), while „made to measures“ they can reach about the equivalent of a 54. Your customised shirt can be purchased online but you can also send a digital gift card to your man to choose his own shirt style.

To be sure of your true size here are the quite handy self measuring instructions and the video bellow.

Follow Neronote on facebook & twitter for most recent updated on the brand.


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6 fabulous comments

  1. Super su mi ove jednobojne košulje sa drugom bojom iznutra. Samo svog nikako natjerati da se malo "uozbilji" :-)

  2. Ovaj video ću detaljno proučit kada si nabavim muža!:D
    Super mi je ova crno bijela, odlična!!


    1. Hvala Antonia :)
      Imaju i kosulje za zene pa ne moras cekati muza ;)

  3. Pretty interesting concept from Neronote. I am sure that they are not the only ones incorporating womens fashion with mens fashion.

    1. Sarah, I agree. I told them that I would definitely do something about the website design. Absolutely, many other companies and women's wear designers, designers are flirting with mens fashion! Thank you for the link :)

    2. Hi Katarina and Sarah. True, a lot of companies and designers are flirting with men fashion, and also with the web (eventually, all). Yet I'd like to highlight a difference between Neronote and many others, which is "personalization".

      The shirts shown on Neronote can be fully be customized by the user, who can incorporate a lot of himself and his personality to the end product. And over 15 billion of different combinations allow for quite a unique result.

      Disclosure: I'm the co-founder of Neronote, and we like to think we're in the mass customization business as much as in fashion.




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