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KatWalking at Mimi's in Madrid.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One of my now favorite places in Madrid is most definitely at Mimi’s.

Mimi’s Craperia with its old fashion exterior and more modern interior with crystal chandeliers, 80s cooking appliances, proudly displayed huge jars of everyone’s favorite crape topping – Nutella and most importantly friendly staff from Balkan countries, tons of positive energy in the room and the crapes to die for is definitely a place I open heartedly recommend you to visit when you are in Madrid. Kind warning! – You might get hooked and come back again the same day!

This cool little café in very center of Madrid close to plaza Mayor in the building of the oldest hotel in Madrid, serves amazing crapes of all kinds: salty and sweet, with fresh fruit, ice cream, Nutella, cookies, various nuts or any other toping you can think of appropriate to be eaten as a full meal morning to evening. You can also purchase your crape as part of the daily special with a cup of coffee and a soft drink on a side if you wish.

This is where my boyfriend and I come after his games when I visit, hang out and eat our favorite crape with Nutella, banana, cookies and coconut with vanilla ice cream on a side!

p.s. My friend Zoran saids their Tiramisu is also amazing!

What's yours favorite place in Madrid?


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3 fabulous comments

  1. madrid :)
    blago ti se, ovo je prekrasno :)

  2. Hvala draga! :) Bas ti je sladak blog, pratim.

  3. Wooow, super su fotke. Ako ikada odem u Madrid podsjetit ću ga definitivno!
    ps. hvala na kritici, nogometas hlače sam odlučio iskombinirati kako cijeli look ne bi bio preozbiljan jer ipak imam samo 19 god. a i uvijek budem too much na svim dogadanjima pa sam odlučio malo smiriti look :)


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