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Puffy jackets - boring no more!

Friday, November 25, 2011

So I came to the office today at 8 am after all day of work and shows yesterday and after minor heart-attack due to my computer not wanting to turn on I could finally push this post live!
Alright, let’s get down to business.

For the most of the evening I was flapping around with my social butterfly wings chatting with business partners, agencies and organizers, as well as the backstage team and my fellow blogger Maybe who is doing backstage beauty report.

This year I love the positive energy, hard work, team spirit and professionalism I am seeing while observing this young team. Obviously, there is always room for improvement but I think that fundamentals set are quite strong already.  So cheers to you DFWZ team!

While I was chatting away in front of the runway hall some cool looking foreign guy with bright green sneakers kept interrupting me with various questions, naturally I was polite but a bit surprised as well as I had no clue what he wants or who is he, sorry Nino Bollag but you made a dramatic style change with that beard you grew.

My favorite three shows were definitely The Rodnik Band, Milena Rogulj and sisters Špoljar.

The Rodnik band.

Since I already wrote a postannouncing their collection, here I would like to emphasize the business sense as another of Phillips talents. Phillip has carefully selected to tone down a bit for Zagreb, showing price wise acceptable and very wearable pieces all wrapped up in another charming musical and dancing performance. FYI – the Rodnik Band has left Zagreb three seasons ago with empty suitcases, selling out the whole collection within an hour after the show ended.

Milena Rogulj.

I must admit I have had a preconception about this designer as a bit too abstract, sculptural and targeting the older audience; however with this Fall/Winter collection she wowed me as she presented the proper combination of wearable, innovative and “winter theme magazine editorial worthy” collection while still staying true to her brands image and vision. Individual pieces, like the brown vest and patchworked cozy and warm looking puffy jackets are sure to make an appearance with its volume, color and innovative design. They can be styled and worn as athletic apparel, casual but also dressy. Milena, you have definitely widened your customer base with this collection!

Špoljar sisters.

All photos: (c) 2010 Borna Čavrag Photography

These two charming ladies are now traditionally cooperating with auto-industry and have won numerous international awards as a result of it. I really admire their creative idea, strength to stitch this kind of material (car safety belts) ;) and eco way of thinking as they are recycling old auto gear transforming it into lovely and wearable clothing pieces.

I am so looking forward to Basso & Brooke tonight, as well as the marvelous Bad Spirit and talented Nino Bollag! For those of you who cannot be with us live, be sure to watch DFWZ live stream here (link appears at 8pm) if you have missed yesterday shows video is available here .


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  1. Slažem se sa izborom! Naježila sam se akd mi je Petra pričala o kolekciji i jedva sam čekala vidjeti ju!

  2. @babylovesfashion svaka cast curama na fora ideji, nastavno uspješnom radu s automobilskim tvrtkama ali i vjerujem da nije lako od pojaseva napraviti nosive komade kako idejno tako i fizički :)

  3. jao znam kako je kad dozivis komp nervni slom :)
    drago mi je da je sve sad okej :*


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