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I'm with the band!

Monday, November 21, 2011

This will be the third time The Rodnik Band is showing their collection on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb, every single time they prepare a special show, bursting with positive energy and each time they wow the audience!

Zagreb loves The Rodnik Band! This is why I am so excited that they are coming back this week, their show gives that much needed kick in the ass to sometimes a bit to snooby, conservative, quite mainstream and brand oriented Croatian audience.

Rodnik's designer Philip Colbert is equally fashion designer, rockstar and the artist, driving inspiration for his collection from any of his listed talent areas.

His most obvious influencers are Andy Warhol, Duchamp and similar pop-art artists. Philip first started The Rodnik Band in colaboration with Richard Ascott (left the band in 2008) designing primarily Russian folk inspired knit scarves.

The Rodnik Band SS 2012. Collection is called „Cod save the Sea“. It is designed as a support to environmental action organized by Justice Foundation.
Photo source: www.fashionmagazine.com/The Rodnik Band/Asos.com

There is one t-shirt from the collection already available on Asos.com for $44.93, all of the proceeds from the t-shirt sale are going towards the Justice Foundation charity, the rest of the collection will be available for purchase in December.
Bellow you can see the SS 2012. „Cod save the Sea“ collection video:

The Rodnik Band will kick of the Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb with a bang as the opening show on Thursday at 8:30 pm! Can't wait! I'll drink to that!

“I wanted my new collection to scream, with a self awareness and acknowledgment that fashion 

is ridiculous—even absurd—but that’s why I love it, and that’s what makes it an art.”

Philip Colbert


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