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Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb blogger survival kit

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ok, so 17th Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb is in order this week…I have been a part of the organizing team in a way for the organization of the last 6 Dreft Fashion Weeks, prior to that I have interned on 2 New York Fashion for some of the busiest NYC showrooms and last year I attended Milan Fashion Week for business purposes…

So…after fainting from exhaustion 3x, getting very sick with a fever numerous times and losing about 5 kg if I added it all up I have decided it might be a good idea to take some precaution measures this time in order to prevent a total body and mind collapse during these 3-4 days of shows and more than a month of intense preparation for it (some people from the organization who I spent most time on the phone talking to this week might relate to this post ;) ).

My precaution measure is to plan my snacks, sleep time, comfortable clothing and posting time for a hectic few days ahead or if we want to make it fancier sounding I have put together my “Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb blogger survival kit” which maybe can serve as an inspiration or just a reference to some of the other bloggers or multitaskers (bloggers, organization members and fashion columnists) like me attending this years DFWZ.

I am suggesting to bring some obvious blogger essentials: laptop (there is a free WiFi in the Hypo Center), camera, business cards, super stylish planner (ženski rokovnik) but also if you are coming from outside of the town or even different country or you will like me be wearing multiple hats during the event like me and will be at the venue all day, it’s good idea to bring some snacks (I take almonds, carrots and honey-sesame bars to avoid eating fatty stuff from bakery all day) and lots of liquid with you, preferably the kind of liquid that will keep you awake for the events and fashion shows during the day and evening, all three after-parties and next day’s early office hours ( lots and lots of coffee, still water and green tea works for me).
Naturally, you should have a big enough and fabulous enough bag to fit it all in like the amazing LeiLou hot pink bag which I have placed in my set.

In terms of the clothing, I would recommend wearing flats or stable heels (I usually do boots) and obviously something warm to throw on while walking around during the day and the evening as they are calling for the snow in Zagreb starting Wednesday, while for the after parties I am sure most blogger will have their party outfits ready and will dress to impress, maybe not Yvan this year but there will be for sure cameras all around ;)

See you on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb kicking of with a bang by The Rodnik Band! J


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6 fabulous comments

  1. SAVRŠENO!!!!!!! Držim fige da sve prođe super :D

  2. Hvala na savjetima, zvuče korisno :)


  3. Hvala cure!
    WPF - mi se vidimo tamo jel da?

  4. hihihi odlicno napisano :) nadam se da cemo se upoznati :) pozz!

  5. Sara primjetit ces me sigurno, ona luda, visoka, duga crna kosa trci okolo ko bez glave ;)


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