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Lei Lou inspiration

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I was inspired by my favorite Croatian designer dresses and decided to style them my way.

You might remember the quickie interview I did with now well known and established Croatian designer Alex Dojčinović, as well as my other posts on her collections.

Soon you will be able to order Lei Lou collections via Not Just a Label but now you can order these elegantly designed multi-wear unique pieces from Lei Lou showroom in Zagreb via phone or email and they will be sent to your home address.

Contact Lei Lou Showroom via email/Facebook/Twitter.
Here is  my take on the latest Lei Lou dress selection.

How would you wear it lovelies?


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8 fabulous comments

  1. Ova zadnja na prugice je super :)

  2. Bok Lorena, haljine su divne jel da?
    Meni je jako bitno da su materijali kvalitetni da haljine traju i da su multifunkcionalne jel po cijeli dan letim po sastancima rijetko sam doma, tako da za buisy women preporucam Lei Lou :)

  3. jednostavno, a lijepo..je l to dizajnerica koja ti je radila maturalnu haljinu

  4. Nije nazalost :) Da je jos bi je imala vjerovatno. Lei Lou haljine traju puno duze, s maturalne su mi popadale sljokice :(

  5. really digging the bridesmaids' dresses!

  6. Hi- thanks for your comment, aren't they amazing?
    I adore them to, they are really flattering on the body and show of the waist for lovely figure.

  7. Those are so beautiful dresses... Love the last combination, genious ;)

    The Elegance Hunter



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