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Summer essentials: Just add water!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In preparation for summer holidays I have compiled a list of my summer essentials for good quality summer vacation. No matter how many days, weeks it might at the end last due to my busy work schedule, I know it will be fabulous as long as I spend it with dear people, relaxing and having fun.

Without further due, I have selected some basics out of which one could compile variety of summer looks day to night while still not going overweight in luggage. 

Also, there are some rules to follow in order to have a relaxing vacation….

#1 It’s ok to be lazy…
#2 Spend time alone to clear your head & unwine...
#3 Don't forget to pack your favorite beach read...
#4 This Summer - its all about maxi (not body weight but dresses & skirts) be sure to pack a piece or two to wear as a beach cover-up or to romantic dinner afterwards. Here are my favorites. During summer - you can also go all out with jewelry - just make sure you then tone down with outfit colors and patterns.
#5 Neon colors are very much in this season - You will definitely not go unnoticed wearing these color swimwear or dresses – color it up for summer! 

#6 Sun is ruthless to your skin and your health – be sure to hydrate a lot! 
#7 ....and protect your head with wearing one of these stylish summer hats!
#8 I like to use summer to rest my feet so I keep my footwear comfortable but stylish - bellow is my selection of fabulous summer sandals.
#9 A piece of clothing you hopefully spend the most summer in is your favorite bikini or a fabulous one piece suite. I have selected a number of pieces for different body types and budgets.
#10 If all of the rules above are completed - I am sure the #10 will come as given. Summer romance is definitely always more impactful and positive although many times quit light and breezy then any relationships during the year - so go ahead - smooch a lot during summer!

"In summer, the song sings itself." 
 ~William Carlos Williams~


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