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Riding pretty.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Based on my turbulent history with driving a car, bicycle may as well be my safest bet. So what! 

I don’t like cars anyways…they are boring…they are all mostly black and gray and slightly different shape and there is always trouble with finding parking, not to mention how hard it is to find your car in a mall garage ughhh…. and then you get all these parking fines, and let’s not even talk about gas prices and how when you drive you just sit there while riding a bicycle actually helps you stay in shape and get some tan! 

At the same time you are not polluting the environment, it’s easier to find parking and you don’t get stuck in a traffic jam in the morning when you are going to work and afternoon coming back from work. Bicycle also lets you have that cute little basket with flowers in it.

The only disadvantage I see is that is hard to ride a bicycle in heels – but let’s be honest we are women – we adapt, so or we can bring a pair of heels in this cute little basket or just develop a new skill of riding a bicycle in heels. J

I have found some fabulous pieces for motivation.
Let’s go ladies & gents! Who’s with me?

Chop (www.doitparis.com ) – colorfull / www.thecyclestore.co.uk - pink

Studine Ladies Classic Velorbis bicycle – red

Dutch Granny bicycle 

...and at the end...my very favorite bicycle of all times...Ladies Chanel! Aaahhhh! Divine!

All editorial photos from Vogue Magazine

Are you riding pretty lovelies? Dare to share? J


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