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The urban gentleman.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got a lot of requests from men to write a male fashion post and not just to mention them in traces as the "guilty" ones in heart breaking stories and testimonials.  I hear you, you poor victimized men and I shall do just that. ;) (notice the manly navy blue color font I am using).

As I am, after all, a women. I am selfishly focused on more creative and more fun female fashion, one of the reasons I haven't written about men's fashion before was simple - I haven't had enough knowledge to provide constructive comments on trends in male fashion industry. But I have investigated and at least now I can provide you with links to knowledgeable male fashion bloggers writing about male trends.

Male Fashion bloggers
Male magazines
  • GQ
  • Vanity Fair
  • The Vibe
  • VMan
So this post will feature pieces which men I am attracted to wear, so I apologise for being biased in advance.  Naturally, we get attracted to a men/women visually first, then we notice the vibe they project and just after that intelligence and all of those spiritual personality traits - just to keep it real.

So here we go, my man is an URBAN GETLEMAN.  

Urban gentleman's essentials would be:


Sharp fitting suite

Uber cool T-shirts

V-neck and/or cardigans
Dark Jeans & sexy gray sweatpants

Shoes - chucks/ black leather dress shoes/ loafers/ boots 

What do you think lovelies?


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1 fabulous comments

  1. When it comes to male fashion, there are those people who have a good taste of fashion or know how to dress up well, and those who don't. When we say that a person has a good taste of fashion, it just does not mean that he/she usually looks good, but it's far more than that.


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