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Urban gentleman: Man up!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo source: GQ Japan 

Man up darlings!

 The same way as you are fearlessly playing with balls, rackets and well…each other during sports games and matches why not try to play with fashion trying to express your personal style without blindly following trends or wearing whatever is safe or even worse – whatever it is that you have clean at the moment. Ok - we do think you are sexy looking all ruggedy and confused when you just get up in the morning - but that is not an acceptable day to night look darlin'!

All of you boys have your unique personalities, listen to different music, have different pace and style of living and are still young enough that your body can take various fashion experiments without looking like you try to hard.

Your most common mistakes are:
-Looking boring or the same as any other guy around due to playing it safe or easy
-Wearing wrong size and/or color for your body type/shape
-Wearing to much sports clothes because you are scared to look “gay” in more modern cuts
-Worrying to much on cost & complexity of paying more attention to what you wear

I have attached some photos and video tutorials  for inspiration,which will help you make somewhat classic pieces more hip and stylish and which will show you how not to only wear but also style your clothes once you put it on.

If there are more specific questions/concern you have and would like some help – feel free to email me your inquires by clicking on the e-mail me button on top right .

Enjoy lovelies! 

"The finest clothing made is a person's skin,
 but, of course, society demands something more than this."  
Mark Twain


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