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Spring me in 10!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ughh...was I busy or was I busy? Posting daily was my 2011. resolution which miserably failed due to completed process of my Proctorization. Spring is hereee what to wear????

Where the hell have I been, quick update is in order:
There is a man.
Learning Spanish.
Insomnia is my middle name.
Xanax is my best friend post traffic accident.
There. Personal update-excuses done. Lets talk fashion now.

My top 10 pieces to buy for this trans-season dangerously flirting with Summer already - now in early Spring.

#1 Diesel  Pink Acid Wash Skinnies.

#2  Long dress to be blown by the wind.

#3 A gorgeous hat darling.

#4 White lacy dress ke che che.

#5 Color crazy.

#6 Wedged for life.

#7 Nudein on the beach.

#8 Clutchin’ in color.

#9 Boyish lady.

#10 Beach coral.

Whatcha say lovelies?


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2 fabulous comments

  1. These pieces are gorgeous. Especially loving the huge white hat!!!

    - Dani

  2. Thanks darling! ;) Wanna go hat shopping with me? :) I am saving up for it - real quality hats cost fortune!


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