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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It might seem funny and maybe strange, 

but after all those 'barely men', you were a welcomed change,
Pero a causa de usted yo aprendo Español,
My Spanish is the best, cuando pierdes el control and drink some alcohol.

No  lo sé que pasa con nosotros, 
Pensamos de uno al otro más que es usual,
So far there is no fear cause the feeling is mutual.

I like the way you smile and your silly James Dean obsesión,
Quiero cómo su primera impresión when you broke into my apartment with agresión.
Quiero que leamos libros semejantes,
and how we both play basketball con utilizar nuestro inteligence y our finesse.

All of this weird things about us - make you a special man,
nosotros no debemos definir nada, I enjoy spending time with you without a set up plan.


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