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KatWalking in London.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

     Last week I spend a few days in London. Other then meeting with Mr. Louis De Gama, a friend and one of my favorite fashion designers for a lovely dinner & a beer (yes I tried a beer first time in my life - didn't like it, I prefer wine) I also had time to go to Portobello market on Saturday morning & visit some other important places like Harrods & other Oxford street stores ;).

My co traveler diva & a friend Antonija was understanding enough to deal with my constant nagging about how cold I was and stopping by every single vintage shop (and mind you there are many) to try out & go through piles of fabulous clothes, furs and purses "with a soul" how I like to refer to vintage clothes.

I was mesmerized with the amount of fabulosity of my vintage finds but also shocked with their prices (almost the same as regular retail). I guess there are other vintage places to visit and find more affordable vintage pieces like I know there are in NYC, but seems like I am more familiar with the City's vintage shopping scene then I am with London's - for now. 

I tried to photo capture the fabulosity I was surrounded with to share it with you. 

Enjoy lovelies :)


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2 fabulous comments

  1. ljubomorna, ljubomorna, ljubomorna...ali neka te ne brine. ljubomorna sam na svakog tko je u londonu a ja nisam! vidim da si uživala, nadam se da ću i ja ubrzo!

    p.s. imaju nekoliko savršenih pubova sa još savršenijim pivama, neke su čak i bolje od vina!

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