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Bubble gum fun!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Model: Iva Šulentić
Photographer: Goran Čižmešija for www.moda.hr 
Styling: Lei Lou

As part of the campaign of choosing an Always brand ambassador, 
Photo shoot was organized where styling was done by Lei Lou.
My favorite piece was this super popular versatile double sided top - bading suite -skirt. An absolute cruise collection favorite!
Here is how you all can wear it! 
(instructions are on Croatian language)

Here is how I wore this top during last Milan Fashion Week's site seeing in between the shows.

I can already see ladies who enjoy yachting wearing them day to night when coming down of their yachts into the city :) I recommend the nude - charamel one which I have or pink - nude one as Iva is wearing on the picture shown above.

Disclaimer: Always is one of P&G brands. I work for P&G and Alex is my friend therefor I am biased writing this post. Still, I have this top, I wear it and I trully find this top amazing!

Enjoy lovelies! 

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2 fabulous comments

  1. What a cool and versatile top! I love the way you styled yours with the blazer. I really like clothing that's multi-functional!

  2. Thank you for your comments! :)
    I tend to gravitate towards multifunctional wear as well lately. Recently I realized that side of my closet with evening wear is totally full of stuff that are not necessarily wearable during the day, so now, considering my hectic lifestyle I am looking for day to night pieces. :)


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